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It is always good to hear back from our students and be part of their success.


Nurse Mae, Edinburgh. FULL OET.

We first met Mae when she was part of a group of nurses who contacted us for help in passing IELTS, 

In January 2019, she joined our OET group for a 4 week intensive course. She again continued on to perfect her OET Writing, her weakest area. Mae listened, worked hard and eventually passed her OET in mid-2019. 

She then continued on to review for her CBT which she passed in September 2019. It took her a while to get her schedule for OSCE but evetually with more hardwork, she informed us back in March 2020 that she passed! 

Mae is now a fully licenses NMC Nurse.

Congratulations Mae!

Dr Bruno, Brazil. GP. OET Writing Correction.

Dr Bruno is a C1 student when he asked us to help him with prepare for his OET Writing. He was almost perfect but he said one company he paid Writing Correction to keeps giving him a failing mark hence he wanted a second opinion. 

He asked that we pushed him harder, and we did! We redesign the lesson plan for an upper C1 student and found challenging case notes for him to work on. Eventually we found some minor faults, and a case note that he was really confused about for the first time. We discussed, gave him tips to tackle it and he studied hard. We guided him on this path but we were very confident that he will pass. AND HE DID!

Exactly as we predicted, his exam score was upper B,

very close to A.


I needed to take the IELTS Exam to be able to attend a University here in the UK. Grace was not only my teacher but also my guide during the intensive preparation period for reaching my goal. She was very helpful, flexible and guiding through my journey.


Thanks to her, I achieved a score of 7.5 at the first time I took the test. I am very happy that she was my teacher and I would recommend her and SGR to anyone who needs a professional to prepare for IELTS.

Nedim from Turkey, IELTS Academic

MSc Student, Dundee University

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