Writing Correction Case Study

Our Writing Correction service gives you the benefit of a live feedback from your tutor. Unlike other writing corrections which are only reports or a recorded feedback with no option to ask questions or get clarifications.

This 1:1 service is highly valuable as your tutor is able to discuss how to understand the specific case note properly if your area of improvement is Purpose and Content (relevancies). A tutor will be able to give you tips/strategies to improve your summarisation skills for a higher Conciseness and Clarity score, or correct your Genre and Style as well as give you guidance on better organisation and layout skills. Our written feedback will give you details of your Language errors - which ones are minor and which ones are major errors that could affect your score.

At the end of the the lessons, you will gain a better understanding on how to improve your letter writing skills and how to gain a higher OET Writing score. Our Writing Correction services is suitable to any profession, you can choose from 1 letter only to have an idea on your possible writing score during the test or choose between 5 or 10 letters for more practice and improve on your skills.

If you are interested in any of our Writing Correction service, please get in touch via WhatsApp +44 7540 705489 (UK) | +63 920 9771237 (Philippines) or via email info@sgrlimited.com or visit our website www.sgrlimited.com


Writing score before the class: 250 (C)

Writing score after the class: 380 (B)

Course Registered: Writing Correction Service

Number of letters: 6 x official OET case notes

Live tutor discussion via zoom: 6 x 15mins per letter

Student Support:

1. WhatsApp chat with assigned tutor

2. Access to training page for 4 weeks

  • Free writing materials for review and download

  • Each homework carefully chosen to reflect student’s needs

  • Recorded zoom lessons with detailed feedback – class can sometimes run over 15mins if further discussion is required

  • Students can leave comments on the discussions page or send a message to tutor for clarification.



WhatsApp Chat Log with Student

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