Get expert tutorial to secure a GRADE B in OET LISTENING!

Number of participants: 4 to 8 students
1 hr sessions, £50.00

What can we do for you?

This is a 6-session Speaking Tutorial open to any profession (Doctors are matched with Doctors, Nurses with Nurses etc). You will receive tips and various strategies to improve speech and speaking skills. - how to improve pronunciation, articulation, grammar, how to pace yourself when speaking, identifying & correcting errors, non-verbal communication etc. 
There will be  a role play on every session to enable you to prepare with confidence to achieve an OET Grade B.

Included in your fee are as follows:

  • OET Speaking Overview - a video introduction from Teacher Grace

    • OET Speaking Section - Structure

    • OET Speaking Section - Strategies

  • LIVE Speaking online classes (6 sessions x 1 hour per day) via Zoom

  • Access to your recorded sessions via SGR Student Corner page

  • A dedicated and qualified OET trained teacher to guide you on the different speaking strategies

  • 6 recorded role plays with feedback

  • Access to Student Corner library for more OET speaking materials, tips & strategies

Book Online

DATES: 22 APRIL to 09 MAY 2020

TIME: 2pm to 3pm (UK time)
           about 9pm to 10am (in Asia)
           5pm to 6pm (in UAE)           

Lead Trainer - UK & Online  | BSc MIRP

Grace is SGR's first OET Teacher. She  successfully completed an intensive TEFL training by the TEFL Academy, attended IELTS Train the Trainer programme in Edinburgh and OET Teacher Training in London by OET - Cambridge Boxhill. She was invited to be one of the speakers at the 2019 OET Conference held in London.


Grace has facilitated various in-house company training, coaching and mentoring.

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