Get expert tutorial to secure a GRADE B in OET LISTENING!

Number of participants: 4 to 8 students
1 hr sessions, £50.00

What can we do for you?

This is a 6-session Listening Tutorial. The OET Listening tutorial service ensures that you get lots of practice listening for tone & attitude, learn about transitions and signal words as well as intonation cues, understand agreement and disagreement, how to identify main points, compare facts and opinions and listen to different accents in English. 

Included in your fee are as follows:

  • OET Listening Overview - a video introduction from Teacher Grace

    • Structure of the OET Listening Section

    • Strategies and Examples - Consultation

    • Strategies and Examples - Presentation

  • LIVE Listening online classes (6 sessions x 1 hour per day) via Zoom

  • Access to your recorded sessions via SGR Student Corner page

  • A dedicated and qualified OET trained teacher to guide you on the different listening strategies

  • 4 complete sets of Listening recordings - Part A, B and C

  • Access to Student Corner library for more OET listening materials, tips & strategies

Book Online

DATES: 22 APRIL to 09 MAY 2020

TIME: 2pm to 3pm (UK time)
           about 9pm to 10am (in Asia)
           5pm to 6pm (in UAE)           

Trainer - UK & Online  | BA Education

​Elise is originally from Tasmania, Australia and graduated with a degree in Education (BA, Major in English) as well as Masters of Teaching, Secondary English / TESOL. She has 8+ years education experience as Relief Teacher, Literacy Support teacher and Teacher of English. Elise is based in Aberdeen and teaches ESL, Academic IELTS and OET Reading and Listening

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