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Are you planning on migrating, studying or working in an English speaking country and needs help in building confidence with your English communication skills? Our ESL+Culture course combines English communication skills and an overview of the new country's culture, weather, political system and history among others. Understanding local language and customs is one of the hardest parts of settling into any new country.Our workshops focus on the relevant information that gives new members of staff a comprehensive induction that meets their needs to integrate to their new home or workplace.

ESL+Culture is our language course that teaches English communication skills and includes an introduction to an English-speaking country (New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK) and it's Culture.
This is a bespoke class designed by us  for those who need to learn more about the country that they are migrating to either for study, work or to live in. The course will combine general English improvement skills and familiarises you with some local language such as Kiwi English, Aussie slang, British English, Scottish words etc. and also give you information on history, culture, weather and others. 
We accept individual requests (1:1), group bookings or corporate enquiries, companies who need to ensure that they new foreign workforce has the required English skills to adapt to their new country. Enquire now to learn more about IESCC.

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